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Coping with the Difficulties Pastors Face: Part One

Coping with the Difficulties Pastors Face: Part TWO

created For responsibility


Dr. Headley, a practicing psychologist, demonstrates an acute, fully Christian understanding of the dynamics of human relationships. He offers insightful analysis into how brutal pain enters our lives through irresponsibility and how sin, misunderstanding, fear and dishonesty block movement toward responsibility and wholeness. With practical, pointed illustrations, the author offers hopeful general principles and specific advice to individuals ready to begin living a healthy Christian life, rooted in God's plan for humans to live responsibly.

Getting It Right: Christian Perfection and Wesley's Purposeful List


This is an inside-out perspective of Christian perfection that attempts to integrate the inward and outward dimensions of holiness. At the same time, it seeks to place the emphasis on internal attitudes of the heart primarily demonstrated through love as foundational to holiness. However, there also exists a reciprocal relationship between the two in that external holiness serves to help validate inward holiness. The title is derived from Wesley's emphasis on rightness in his explication of Christian perfection- right heart, right thinking, right words and works.

Family Crucible


This book explores the life and ministry of John Wesley from the perspective of Murray Bowen's Extended Family Systems Theory and to a lesser extent from Alfred Adler's concept of family constellation. Throughout the book, the author uses concepts drawn from these theories to explore significant historical and pivotal events in the life of John Wesley. Beginning with family events prior to his birth, the author also explores his early family constellation, influential themes, factors shaping his ministry, and various relational issues, including his relationships with Sophy Hopkey, Grace Murray, and his marriage to Mary Vazeille. It concludes by drawing lessons from Wesley's life pertinent to today's ministers.

Reframing your ministry


How does a pastor stay afloat amid the multiple demands of ministry? Dr. Headley says too many ministers experience lives that resemble firefighters in a California wildfire. In his fresh, interesting style, he contends that our definition of ministry needs to be revamped--in his words, reframed. Drawing from the lives of Moses and Jesus, Headley presents a ministry model that helps the minister minimize stress, avoid burnout, and eliminate imbalance. Practical resource for starting well and finishing strong in ministry.

achieving balance in ministry


Balance . . . it’s an elusive ideal and an admirable goal. Every Christian, especially those in the pastorate, desire balance in their lives and ministries. And while pastors hear a lot about becoming a whole person, their efforts toward self-mastery, discipline and time management disappear in the daily tyranny of the urgent.Achieving Balance in Ministry is written to give troubled pastors the tools they need to restore order, effectiveness and fulfillment to life and ministry. This quick-read is full of practical advice and encouragement. Rediscover your inner fire and find fulfillment.