Coach and Other Relevant Training

  • Coach training, Masterful Coaching and Institute for Life Coaching, 2001, 2002, 2004
  • In my coaching, I draw on my education, experiences and skills as a trained therapist with over 33 years of experience. Additionally, I draw on my experiences as an ordained minister who have taught and trained ministry trainees, seminarians and practicing clergy since 1981.

coaching packages

I offer coaching for ministers so they can reach their personal and professional goals and maximize their potential to become all that God desires them to be in their personal, family and ministry life.  My coaching revolves around helping ministers set goals for their personal and professional lives and helping them design plans for reaching those goals while holding them accountable to the same.
I offer the following options for one-to-one coaching

6-month Coaching Package
  • 6 one-hour sessions (one per month) Length: 6 months
  • Cost: $900
12-Month Coaching Package
  • 12 one-hour coaching sessions (one per month) Length: 12 months
  • Cost: $1,800 

coaching consent and session updates

  • Prior to beginning a coaching relationship with me, individuals will receive a package of materials that includes the following:
  1. Client policies and procedures that outlines issues such as fees, procedures and expectations.
  2. A life coaching agreement that outlines the time period for the coaching, the structuring of the day and time and associated ground rules.
  3. A client data form that provides me with information about the coaching client including the specific goals for coaching and related expectations.
  4. A short review of the client’s life story

  • Prior to each session, following the initial session, the client will complete and send to me a session preparation form. This forms helps me to track client success in reaching goals by assessing accomplishments since the previous session, accountability issues, challenges and what the client requires of coaching for the upcoming session.