Sample training topics

  • Achieving Balance in Ministry
  • Boundaries in Life and Ministry
  • Building Blocks for A Thriving Ministry
  • Emotional and Spiritual Health
  • Emotional Health for Leading Effectively
  • Flourishing in Ministry
  • Helping People in Crisis
  • Managing Stress and Burnout in Ministry
  • Restoring Sabbath in Life and Ministry
  • Team Building
  • Self-care in Ministry
  • Self-dimensions in Spiritual Leadership
  • Understanding and Resolving Conflict in Ministry

Expectations for Training Events

When engaged for training events, I have the following expectations:

  1. All travel expenses will be met by the training organizers.
  2. Appropriate accommodations and meals will be met for the duration of the event.

I am committed to work with Christian organizations of all sizes and resources. As a result, I am willing to negotiate fees for such training.